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The world's largest picture frame worth 300 million

The world's largest picture frame worth 300 million

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2019/10/24 10:37
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It is said that money willfulness, Dubai's action this time shows what is the real "money willfulness". It's the world's largest photo frame, Dubai frame.
As a new landmark, Dubai frame attracts many foreign tourists to visit with the largest picture frame in the world.
On both sides of the Dubai frame are huge columns up to 150 meters high and beams up to 100 meters long.
The whole frame was gilded with golden yellow, shining in the sun, looking very dazzling.
In the evening, under the ornament of various lights, Dubai frame put away its amazement and became very beautiful and quiet.
The world's largest photo frame, which has been built by 300 million people, will naturally attract many photos. Take whatever you want, like this:
Dubai throws 300 million yuan into the world's largest photo frame,300 million to build a photo frame building? Not so superficial. In fact, this is a gate that can be "crossed".
Hidden behind the picture frame is a history museum. You can walk into the mysterious and advanced Museum by crossing the picture frame.
The museum vividly restored the ancient market and fishing village through various modern technologies such as 3D images, smoke and sound effects. Take the elevator on the left and right sides of the picture frame, and you can also have a panoramic view of Dubai.
The most exciting thing is that there is a 25 square meter glass corridor on the picture frame. After special treatment, the walkway is opaque when there is no one. Once people go up, they will become transparent immediately. People without psychological preparation will be scared to death.